Made in Cleveland Ohio

Hi, we're Mike and Melissa - a Cleveland-based married couple specializing in wedding photography. We're looking for unique couples who have a great love story to tell. Our relationship-based approach to wedding photography has earned us The Best of The Knot four years in a row as well as an induction into The Knot Best of Weddings Hall of Fame.

Melissa and I fell in love in college but things didn't work out the first time. After a few years and couple hundred miles apart we found each other again. This time we made it count. Now we're  married and cruising toward our tenth anniversary. The four year old Melissa clone you see in the photo above is Gracie and Joe is the little guy.

So much of Rentham, even the name, is tied to our personal story. When we got married we weren't in the wedding or photo industry. We made a few rookie mistakes. A photographer was just another vendor to be crossed off the list. We didn't put much thought into the decision. It's something we often regret.

Years later my friend asked me to photograph her wedding. Loyalty to my friend and a previously-made vow to never be a wedding photographer put me in a tricky spot. I politely declined. But she insisted. It didn’t take much for me to relent. I photographed her wedding. It was one of the hardest things I’d ever done but the challenge was immensely rewarding. I realized wedding photography could be so much more than what most people are used to seeing. Melissa and I could have a platform to help others learn from our own wedding experience.

So here we are now running a full-time, full-service wedding photography business and studio. Our mission is simple: Find couples who, like us, have a story to share. Then help them tell that story in a beautiful and authentic way.