Selecting Photos for your album

The best wedding albums tell a story
We design albums to tell a cohesive story of your wedding day. We'll help you select about 50 of your favorite photos. We'll then add a few additional transition images to make the album flow seamlessly and send you a digital proof of your album. You'll have the chance for revision and changes and once you approval the design we'll send the album for printing and binding.

Include variety in the photos you select for your album
In terms of the album we think of the images as having five categories and a great starting point for your album is picking five to ten of your favorite images from each of these categories. You can download and use this worksheet, but briefly, here are the categories and some basic examples:

  • Getting Ready - make-up, getting dressed, final touches
  • Details - the dress, rings, shoes, and other sentimental items
  • Portraits - first look, bridal party photos, couple photos
  • Ceremony - walking down the aisle, first kiss, family photos
  • Reception - grand entrance, cake cutting, special dances

Adding additional pages to your album
If you're totally stuck and can't narrow your image selection down to the 50ish range it is probably time to start thinking about adding some additional pages to your album. Packing every page with tons of images makes the album look cheap and diminishes the viewing experience so we make sure all layouts have room to breathe. All of our albums start with 30 pages and you can purchase additional spreads (two pages each) individually. 

Cover design and parent albums

Selecting your album cover
Leather and Linen albums come in the color of your choice, but one of the great features of our Signature-series albums is the ability to completely customize the cover. There are literally dozens of materials that can be combined in almost endless ways. We highly suggest coming in to the studio to design your Signature album cover, so we can have plenty of space to lay out all of the swatches and narrow down combinations. Leather and Linen albums come in the color of your choice 

Adding on parent or companion albums
Our companion albums are 8x8 linen albums that are perfect for use as parent albums or gifts. The parent album is a completely unique design for $600.

Reviewing & Approving Your Album

Reviewing the digital album proof
After you send us your image selection worksheet we'll start the design and layout process. Once that is complete we'll send you a link to a digital proof of your album. At this point you can requests image substitutions and revisions. As we make those we'll update the digital proof. 

Album approval and delivery
Once you approval the final design of your album we'll send the layout to be printed and bound. In general it takes about a month from this point to get your album delivered. However, depending on the time of year, it could take longer. For instance, turn around time from the lab is longer during the holidays due to increased volume and demand.