Whimsical Wedding at the College of Wooster

Amanda and Danny met while attending the College of Wooster and brought things full circle by getting married there. They put their unique touch on every aspect of the wedding day. The first thing we noticed was Amanda’s incredible custom designed corset and petticoat from Ties That Bynde. After Amanda’s mom and girls finished getting her ready we snuck her outside for a quick tryst with her husband-to-be. They had a quiet, romantic moment together on the steps of the beautiful Kauke Hall.

Amanda is an actress and Danny is a music professor so it was no surprise that their friends are also artists and performers. They performed an amazing processional song while the couple was escorted into the Oak Groove by their parents. The ceremony included a tasting ceremony that had them knocking back shots of vinegar (for the bitter times), lemon juice (the sour), hot sauce (the hot and spicy), and honey (the sweet). Amanda’s reactions to the shots are some of our favorite images of the day.

After the ceremony the entire wedding party, guests and all, moved to the reception site via a bagpiper-led jamboree across the quad. After a few hours of celebration the evening wrapped up with a terrific take on the boring old dollar dance. The Kavka’s Eastern European roots showed through as guests banged pots and pans while participants offered money in lieu of traditional gifts of bread and salt to dance with the bride. We’re not talking about simply holding hands with Amanda and slowly turning in a circle to music.

This was a full contact, jungle-rules polka. After several rounds, Danny burst back into the tent to sweep a breathless Amanda off her feet. He marched right back out of the tent carrying his new bride. That was the end of our evening and put a cap on what became an instant classic for us.