Wedding at Mohican Gardens

I've always said one of the biggest benefits of running your own company is getting to chose who you work with. If you're careful and smart you can meet some really great, interesting people. Andrea and Chris are perfect examples of this. The meetings at our studio felt like catching up with old friends and shooting their wedding felt more like a party than work.

They were married at Mohican Gardens, a historic farm in Loudonville Ohio. Andrea and Chris wanted to a do a first look but had to be a little creative since they'd be traveling to the venue in the same limo. Andrea found some bride and groom blind folds that did the trick. After the couple had their first look we hid Andrea one more time so we could surprise her parents. That resulted in one of my favorite images of the day. You can see the anticipation overwhelm Andrea's parents as they wait to see their daughter for the first time on her wedding day. 

This was also one of those rare weddings in which a huge bridal party worked well. Chris' groomsmen in particular had me cracking up throughout the day. They had fun, but were gentlemen throughout and really easy to work with (not always the case with the guys). They even nailed their toasts. It's different for the girls. Even when they don't produce a rhetorical masterpiece girls usually have an easier time speaking from the heart and can almost always say something moving. A toast from an unprepared groomsman is like doomsday for a photographer. You just stand there and die a little inside with every uhm  and ah

Chris had 3 groomsmen toasts and they were all great. They included an Oscar-worthy recitation of the speech from Independence Day, an utterly bizarre story that I only later found out was the plot from the Pauly Shore movie Bio-Dome, and a heartfelt thank you from one of his friends that spent time deployed over seas. 

The reception, held inside the greenhouse, was a blast and went by in a blur. A couple things that stood out: Andrea destroying Chris with cake to the face and Chris taking it like a champ, the spiked pineapple punch, the amazing first and last dances, and the many choreographed dances by Chris and Zach.