Pre-Booking Questions

I work during the day, can we meet in the evenings? 
Yep, we do consultations by appointment and don't mind meeting after hours. 

How much is the deposit? 
Payment of our $1000 deposit books the date for you. The remaining balance isn’t due until thirty days before your wedding date.

What payment methods can I use? 
We accept cash, personal checks, credit cards, and PayPal. Our online invoicing system is linked directly to PayPal.

Will there be two photographers at my wedding? 
Yes, Melissa and I cover all of our weddings together.

Do you provide videography services? 
No, we concentrate on photography exclusively. We can, however, recommend some very good wedding filmmakers we've worked with in the past.

Will you accept any other assignments on my wedding day? 
Nope. Unlike some wedding photography mills we don’t load up on multiple weddings in a single day or assign you a random photographer the week of your wedding. Your wedding day gets our full attention and you work with Mike and Melissa the entire way.

What happens if you're sick on our wedding day? 
If we get sick we promise to keep our distance while we photograph your wedding. In the event of a catastrophe we’ll make sure a professional photographer is there to cover your wedding in our place. The bottom line is we'll be there at your wedding. 

Are you insured? 
Yes. We carry liability as well as errors and omissions insurance. If your venue requires a certificate of insurance we can work with the venue coordinator to provide that.

What happens to our photos after the wedding? 
The online gallery stays open for 90 days after you get the link and password. While we do archive our images we highly recommend that you make at least one backup copy of your files.

Wedding Day Questions

Do you visit the venue before the wedding day?
In most cases we do not visit venues beforehand. Weddings are so dynamic that relying on pre-arranged shots is a bad idea. Some venues might warrant an initial visit but we decide those on a case by case basis. 

Should I send you a shot list?
We’re going to get all of the “classic” wedding shots by default. You coming down the aisle, the first kiss, etc. So you don’t have to spend time listing those out. We’re always interested to hear if you have something special in mind for the bridal portrait part of the day, but you don’t need to create a shot for shot list or map out specific locations. Give us your idea and we’ll run with it. The rule of thumb is: let us know anything out of the ordinary.

What is the plan if it rains on my wedding day?
With very few exceptions there just aren’t any amazing indoor spaces in the region that a bridal party can use free of charge. There are a few that can be reserved and we’ll help you figure out the best plan for your wedding day.

Should we do a First Look?
We love First Looks for a variety of reasons and recommend them to all of our couples.

Product Questions

Do I get the copyright to the photos? Can I print them?
We retain the copyright to all the work we produce, but we do give you a personal use license that allows you to share and print. 

How many photos will I get?
We may take a few thousand frames during the course of your wedding day and we’ll deliver about 600-900 of those for most weddings. We take a lot of pride is giving you the best possible representation of your wedding day while making sure all the key moments of the day are included.

Are the photos edited?
We never deliver unedited photos. Every final image you receive is edited and ready to use. We also do custom conversions to black and white on some of the photos that we feel benefit from putting the emotion of the moment front and center.

How long will it take to get the photos?
Everyone’s favorite answer: it depends. Different parts of the year are busier than others but you'll generally have your photos within 30 days after your wedding. 

Who picks the photos for our album?
We’ll provide you with a worksheet for picking your favorite images in each part of the day. We’ll then use that to design a layout that includes your must-have images and upload a digital proof of the album for your review. The album is sent to the lab for printing and binding after you give the final approval.

Can we customize our album cover?
Only our Signature series albums are customizable. They are available in a variety of sizes up to 12x18 and feature an absolutely huge array of cover materials and configurations. We have samples and swatches at the studio to help guide you through the decision process. 

Are the albums limited to 30 pages?
Nope! You can purchase additional spreads (2 pages each spread) as needed. 

How long will it take to get my album?
You’ll usually get your album about a month after you give us the final approval on the layout.